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ZUNDA PARKS Structure vision and development schemes


Title - ZUNDA PARKS Structure vision and development schemes

Type: Feasibility study, development scheme

Location: Riga, Latvia

Date - 2020

Team - Živile Šimkutė, Egidijus Kasakaitis, Aistė Eidikevičiūtė (scheme develpopment stage), Elina Jakovele (analysis phase) 

Client: SIA "DG31"

Zunda Parks is a former industrial area in Riga on the left riverbank of Daugava, just behind Kipsala and Zunda canal. Area size is around 8 ha.

​Currently the site is surrounded by a well-developed infrastructure network that was intended to facilitate the needs of the shopping mall: wide road network, entrances to parking, a cycling path by the canal, new bus stops.

The aim of the Structure vision and development schemes was to propose different development structures that could be implemented in the area, test different intensities, morphologies and public space qualities. 


Baseline of development guidelines are presented in the beginning of the booklet. These guidelines are applicable to each of the scenarios. Three scenarios for development are proposed. They are the result of a lot of tests and discussions with the client. It was not the intention of the study to create a one perfect option but rather test different possibilities. Each scenario is explained through diagrams, plans, area calculations and artistic visualizations. Results of the study should help the client make informed decisions about the development of the site, anticipate possible risks and challenges.

Site location.PNG

Industrial / post-industrial territories along Zunda canal

M_Parks_Scen Mix2.jpg

Development scenario: MIX-2


Visualization: Vibrant streetscape

M1_Public space.jpg

Visualization: Calm pedestrian street with recreational areas for the local community


Visualization: Main street with multifunctional square

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