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The comparative analysis of the possible sites of the
National Acoustic Concert Hall in Riga

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The goal of the study was to assess potential sites for the National Acoustic Concert Hall in Riga (hereafter referred to as RCH) and recommend 1-3 sites where the building could be built. Study was prepared in two steps: assessment based on criteria formulated based
on the analysis of successful concert halls and sustainable development values and second assessment of the shortlisted sites based on the value
based criteria that were formulated during Focus group discussions. 

Assessments were complemented by urban analysis, review of territorial and strategic planning documents, studies and reports on different sites on different aspects that could have an effect on the suitability of the site. Moreover, opinions and recommendations
from the Ministry of Culture, The Focus group made up by various stakeholders and representatives
from civil society, Latvian Association of Architects, Latvian Association of Landscape Architects were taken into consideration.

After concluding the initial assessment, additional assessment based on the Focus group criteria was made. Red flags associated with each shortlisted
site were identified. Ongoing and planned developments in Riga, project development history, political climate and context of the public opinion
was considered. Taking all of this into account we recommend three sites (in no particular order) for the
development of The National Acoustic Concert Hall in Riga:
A. Kongresu nams, Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 5

B. Andrejsala, Andrejostas iela 17
B. Rūpniecibas preču tirgus teritorija starp Gaiziņa ielu, Prāgas ielu un Turgeņeva ielu

Title - The comparative analysis of the possible sites of the National Acoustic Concert Hall in Riga

Type: Assesment, urban analysis. public engagement

Place: Riga, Latvia

Data - 2021

Komanda - Živile Šimkutė, Egidijus Kasakaitis

Partners: Assocciation of Latvian Architects, G93. 

Užsakovas: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia

Shortlisted sites.jpg

Shortlisted sites

Shortlist collage.jpg

Shortlisted sites


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